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On June 19, 2008 Black Diamond began utilizing the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) of Washington shared roster services.

MRSC ROSTERS is a service that provides local government agencies Statewide with small public works and consulting services rosters in a way that is efficient and cost effective, using electronic formats and procedures pioneered by the City of Lynnwood, which provided shared rosters for many Puget Sound agencies for a number of years.

Small public works and consulting service rosters readily become electronic databases, with a wide range of categorical and word-search functions that make it easy for an agency to find and notify qualified contractors and consultants when a construction, maintenance, or design project is available for competition. They can be shared readily among agencies. Almost all local agencies (city, county, school districts, and special districts) can use these rosters. See the MRSC Rosters Public Agency Member Spring Newsletter for user information.

2014 Small Works Projects

2015 Small Works Projects

2016 Small Works Projects

2017 Small Works Projects

2018 Small Works Projects

2019 Small Works Projects

2020 Small Works Projects



2021 Citywide Asphalt Overlays Project - Bids close April 27, 2021 at 11:00 am

-Request for Bids
-Special Provisions
-Small Works Contract
-Addendum 1





MRSC ROSTERS is structured geographically by county or county subarea and will link agencies to contractors
and consultants who want to do specific kinds of work for those agencies. In addition, MRSC has provided a way for agencies to solicit quotes or RFQ/RFPs electronically from contractors or consultants.

To Register for MRSC Rosters (
Contractors - Read the requirements and then sign up for a new Small Works Roster account.

Consultants - Read the requirements and then sign up for a new Consulting Services Roster account.
MRSC Contact Information:
Phone: (206) 625-1300


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