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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 16-1084 An ordinance amending the budget for calendar year 2016 as adopted by ordinance 15-1068
Ordinance No. 16-1083 An emergency ordinance of the City of Black Diamond, King County, Washington adopting the budger for calendar year 2017
Ordinance No. 16-1082 Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Black Diamond, King County Washington adopting the budget for Calendar Year 2017-VETO
Ordinance No. 16-1081 FAILED-Adopting the New Stormwater Management Regulations and Amending Chapter 14.04 of the Black Diamond Municipal Code
Ordinance No. 16-1080 Ordinance relating to adjustments to sewer charges; amending section 13.24.010 of municipal code to increase the sewer rate
Ordinance No. 16-1079 FAILED-Amending the Budget for Calendar Year 2016 as adopted by Ordianance 15-0168 for Means of Appropriations, Adjustments and transfers in the 2016 budget
Ordinance No. 16-1078 Ordinance providing for interfund loan from Sewer Capital & Reserve fund to provide funding for replacement of four police vehicles in 2017
Ordinance No. 16-1077 FAILED-Adopting the Budget For Calendar Year 2017
Ordinance No. 16-1076 FAILED-Amending the Budget for Calendar Year 2016 as Adopted by Ordinance 15-1068
Ordinance No. 16-1075 General Tax Levy specifying increase calculated by King County based on Last Years actual Levy commencing January 1, 2017.
Ordinance No. 16-1074 Levying the General Property Taxes for the City for the Fiscal Year Commencing January 1, 2017 on all Property Real and Personal subject to taxation.
Ordinance No. 16-1073A Adopting the Stormwater Management-VETO
Ordinance No. 16-1073 FAILED-Adopting the Stormwater Management Regulations
Ordinance No. 16-1072 relating to Qualifications of the Planning Commission Members
Ordinance No. 16-1071 relating to Traffic Safety School, changing the fee charged by the City for the School
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