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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 13-1018 adopting the 2014 Budget
Ordinance No. 13-1017 Amending BDMC 1.20.010 Official Newspaper Designation to the Voice of the Valley
Ordinance No. 13-1016 Amending The Budget for Calendar Year 2013
Ordinance No. 13-1015 and Ordinance No.13-1015A Levying the General Property Taxes for the City for the Fiscal Year 2014 on all Property both Real and Personal, for the purpose of providing Revenue for Public Safety for the City of Black Diamond as required by Law and Setting 1% Increase for 2014
Ordinance No. 13-1014 Amending BDMC 10.16.050 Regarding Redemption of Impound Vehicles
Ordinance No. 13-1013 Amending Sign Regulation Code
Ordinance No. 13-1012 Imposing a Six-month Moratorium on Marijuana Manufacturing and Distribution
Ordinance No. 13-1011 Imposing a Six-month Moratorium Upon Collective Gardens
Ordinance No. 13-1010 Amending BDMC 18.86 Regarding Densities Within Residential Cluster Developments
Ordinance No. 13-1009 Relating to Assignment of Way-of Travel Names
Ordinance No. 13-1008 Relating to Stormwater and Surface Water Utility Rates, Implementing a Rate Increase in Year 2014
Ordinance No. 13-1007 Adopting Sewer Rate Increase
Ordinance No. 13-1006 Relating to Water Utility Rates, Implementing a Rate Increase for 2013, 2014 and 2015
Ordinance No. 13-1005 Amending the Budget for Calendar Year 2013 as Adopted by Ord. 12-994
Ordinance No. 13-1004 (Motion to Deny Proposed Ordinance) Amending SEPA Appeal Process
Ordinance No. 13-1003 Relating to Civil Infractions
Ordinance No. 13-1002 Relating to Controlled Substances
Ordinance No. 13-1001
Regarding Address Changes
Ordinance No. 13-1000 Amending Business License Code
Ordinance No. 13-999 Adopting Revisions to the Cemetery Code
Ordinance No. 13-998 Adopting the General Sewer Plan
Ordinance No. 13-997

Repealing Ordinance No. 410, Relating To Flood Damage Prevention

Ordinance No. 13-996

(Postponed to future Workstudy) Relating To The Acceptance Of Donations, Devisements Or Bequeathments

Ordinance No. 13-995 Confirming the Appointment of the Contract City Administrator
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