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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 12-994 Adopting 2013 Budget
Ordinance No. 12-993 Amending 2012 Budget
Ordinance No. 12-992 Amending BDMC 10.04.100 Relating to Payment of Parking Fee or Annual Pass
Ordinance No. 12-991 Establishing Permit Fees for Special Events
Ordinance No. 12-990 Increasing Existing Service Charge Rate for the City Stormwater Utility
Ordinance No. 12-989 Increasing Utility Tax on the City Stormwater Utility
Ordinance No. 12-988 Increasing Utility Tax on Cable Services
Ordinance No. 12-987 Relating to the Establishment of Office Hours, as Required by the Revised Code of Washington, 35A.21.070
Ordinance No. 12-986 - Exhibit A Amending the City of Black Diamond Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance No. 12-985 Adding a New Section to BDMC Regarding Compensation of the City Council
Ordinance No. 12-984 & 12-984A Setting Property Tax Levy for 2013
Ordinance No. 12-983 Repealing B & O Tax
Ordinance No. 12-982 Adopting the Power of Initiative and Referendum for the Registered Voters of the City
Ordinance No. 12-981 Relating to the Planning Commission Appointments and Terms
Ordinance No. 12-980 Relating to the Development of Impact Fees - Fire Impact Fees
Ordinance No. 12-979 Amending Chapter 17.16 of the Black Diamond Municipal Code regarding Administrative Appeals
Ordinance No. 12-978 Amending Chapter 18.16 of the Black Diamond Municipal Code regarding Vesting Periods
Ordinance No. 12-977 Relating to Adjustments to Sewer Charges for KC Metro 2013 Rate
Ordinance No. 12-976 Amending the 2012 Budget for Interim City Administrator
Ordinance No. 12-975 Amending Budget for the Calendar Year 2012
Ordinance No. 12-974 Amending Black Diamond Municipal Code for Town Hall Meetings
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