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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 09-932 Authorizing South Annexation and Zoning
Ordinance No. 09-931 Authorizing East Annexation and Zoning
Ordinance No. 09-930 Authorizing Puget Sound Energy Franchise Agreement
Ordinance No. 09-929 Adopting 2009 Comprehensive Water System Plan
Ordinance No. 09-928 Adopting 2010 Budget
Ordinance No. 09-927 Amending 2009 Budget
Ordinance No. 09-926 Setting 2010 Sewer Rates
Ordinance No. 09-925A Setting Property Tax Levy Amount
Ordinance No. 09-925 Repealing Ordinance No. 09-924 and Setting Property Tax Levy
Ordinance No. 09-924 Setting Property Tax Levy
Ordinance No. 09-923 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Ordinance No. 09-922 Crimes of Disorderly Conduct
Ordinance No. 09-921 Amending Budget for Calendar Year 2009
Ordinance No. 09-920 Amendments to Sign Code Regarding Temporary Signage
Ordinance No. 09-919 Public Safety Levy Ballot Measure
Ordinance No. 09-918 New Park Rules
Ordinance No. 09-917 Stormwater Illicit Discharge, Detection and Elimination Program
Ordinance No. 09-916 Amending Chapter 5.08 of BDMC-Utility Taxes Due Date
Ordinance No. 09-915 Emergency Ordinance - Construction Standards
Ordinance No. 09-914 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington
Ordinance No. 09-913 Lifting Moratorium on Master Planned Developments and Repealing Ordinance No. 08-885
Ordinance No. 09-912 New Title 16- Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance No. 09-911 New City of Black Diamond Design Guidelines
Ordinance No. 09-910 New City of Black Diamond Zoning Map
Ordinance No. 09-909 New Title 18- Zoning Code
Ordinance No. 09-908 Repealing 1996 Comprehensive Plan - Replacing with the 2009 Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance No. 09-907 Amending 2009 Budget and Salary Schedule
Ordinance No. 09-906 Mayor's Authority to Deviate from Established Fees Where Appropriate
Ordinance No. 09-905 Inattentive Driving
Ordinance No. 09-904 Amending Black Diamond Municipal Code regarding Domestic Violence
Ordinance No. 09-903 Amending Weight Restrictions on Certain City Streets
Ordinance No. 09-902 Authorizing Interfund Loan to Stormwater from Wastewater Fund
Ordinance No. 09-901 Revising Stormwater Rates and Establishing Lifeline Program
Ordinance No. 09-900 Amending Powers and Duties of the Planning Commission
Ordinance No. 09-899 Amending Hearing Examiners Procedures
Ordinance No. 09-898 Amending Code Enforcement Procedures
Ordinance No. 09-897 Amending Master Planned Development Code 18.98
Ordinance No. 09-896 Amending BDMC 10.12.020- Gross Vehicle Weight Limit-Emergency Ordinance
Ordinance No. 09-895 Minor Changes to TDR Program Code
Ordinance No. 09-894 Continuation of Mobile Home Moratorium- Emergency Ordinance
Ordinance No. 09-893 Business License Amendment
Ordinance No. 08-892 Vesting Ordinance
Ordinance No. 08-875 Sensitive Areas Ordinance
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