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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 08-892 TABLED (See 2009 Ordinances)
Ordinance No. 08-891 Waiting for Adoption
Ordinance No. 08-890 Revising Water Connection Fees
Ordinance No. 08-889 Repealing Water Surchage
Ordinance No. 08-888 Adopting 2009 Budget
Ordinance No. 08-887 Amending Budget for 2008
Ordinance No. 08-886 Interfund Loan - Police Records Management System
Ordinance No. 08-885 Extending Master Planned Developments - Moratorium
Ordinance No. 08-884 Comprehensive Park Plan
Ordinance No. 08-883 Stormwater Utility Tax
Ordinance No. 08-882 Allowing Commercial Sign in ROWs During Road Closures
Ordinance No. 08-881 Establishing Duties and Powers of the Position of City Administrator
Ordinance No. 08-880 Administrative Regulations
Ordinance No. 08-879 Water Service Rates 2009
Ordinance No. 08-878 Emergency Ordinance- Imposing Weight Limitation on Vehicles Traveling on City Streets
Ordinance No. 08-877 2009 Sewer Rates
Ordinance No. 08-876A Setting Propety Tax Levy Dollars for 2009
Ordinance No. 08-876 Specifying One Percent Property Increase
Ordinance No. 08-875 Waiting for Adoption (See 2009 Ordinances)
Ordinance No. 08-874 Petty Cash Permitting Department
Ordinance No. 08-873 Capital Improvement Plan
Ordinance No. 08-872 Stormwater Utility and Establishment of Rates
Ordinance No. 08-871 Boating Regulations
Ordinance No. 08-870 Emergency Ordinance- Moritorium - Master Planned Developments
Ordinance No. 08-869 Emergency Ordinance- Moritorium- Mobile Homes
Ordinance No. 08-868 Emergency Ordinance - Prohibiting Solicitations on City Recognized Holidays - Amending BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-867 TABLED
Ordinance No. 08-866 Tree Preservation - New Chapter BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-865 Amending Budget for Year 2008
Ordinance No. 08-864 Animal Welfare Agencies to Trap Animals - Amending BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-863 Short Term Interfund Loan from Sewer Reserve Fund to Drainage Fund
Ordinance No. 08-862 Fixing the Compensation for Judge Pro-Tem
Ordinance No. 08-861 Police Investigation Buy Account - New Chapter in BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-860 Petty Cash - Change Account - New Chapter in BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-859 Civil Service Regulations - Full Time Fully Commissioned Police Officer
Ordinance No. 08-858 Binding Site Plans - Adding New Chapters to BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-857 Hearing Examiner Position - Adding and Amending Chapters in BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-856 Moratorium - Master Planned Developments
Ordinance No. 08-855 Moratorium - Mobile Homes
Ordinance No. 08-854 Prohibiting Dogs in Cemetery - Dogs on Leash
Ordinance No. 08-853 New City Engineer Position- New Sections to BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-852 New 2008 Wage and Salary Schedule
Ordinance No. 08-851 Code Enforcement - New Chapters to BDMC
Ordinance No. 08-850 Payment of City Claims or Obligations - Deleting and Creating Chapters of BDMC
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