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Ordinances/2005 ORDINANCES

Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to Ordinances/2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 05-809 Budget for Calendar Year 2006
Ordinance No. 05-808 Ordinances/2005 Budget Amendment
Ordinance No. 05-807 Sewer Rate Increase
Ordinance No. 05-806 MPD Overlay Zoning - Certain Properties Annexed by Ordinances 515 and 517
Ordinance No. 05-805 Annex North Triangle - Same Tax Rate as other Property
Ordinance No. 05-804 Annex NW Section 27 - Same Tax Rate as other Property
Ordinance No. 05-803 Annex West PAA Section 15 - Same Tax Rate as other Property
Ordinance No. 05-802 Pre-Annexation - N. Triangle-West Annex. Area
Ordinance No. 05-801 Pre-Annexation - NW Section 27
Ordinance No. 05-799 Emergency Ordinance - Pre-Annexation - West Section 15
Ordinance No. 05-798 Emergency Ordinance - MPD Overlay Zoning NW Section 27
Ordinance No. 05-797 Emergency Ordinance - MPD Overlay Zoning West PAA Section 15
Ordinance No. 05-796 Emergency Ordinance - Moritorium- MPDs
Ordinance No. 05-795 2006 Levy Taxes
Ordinance No. 05-794 Traffic Safety School Fund - Repealing Ordinance 05-789
Ordinance No. 05-793 Moritorium Continuation - Mobile Home
Ordinance No. 05-792 Moritorium Continuation - MPDs
Skipped number 05-791
Ordinance No. 05-790 Ordinances/2005 Six year Transportation Improvement Program - Ordinances/2005-2011
Ordinance No. 05-789 Traffic Safety School Fund
Ordinance No. 05-788 Court State Statutes
Ordinance No. 05-787 Lake Sawyer Speed Limit Change
Ordinance No. 05-786 Lake Sawyer Boating Addendum
Ordinance No. 05-785 Use of Bicycle Helmets
Ordinance No. 05-784 Motorized Foot Scooters and Other Devices
Ordinance No. 05-783 Lake Sawyer Parking Fee
Ordinance No. 05-782 Traffic Safety School
Ordinance No. 05-781 Condemnation and Acquisition- ROW
Ordinance No. 05-780 Short Subdivision and Boundary Line Adjustments
Ordinance No. 05-779 MPD Development Regulations
Ordinance No. 05-778 Moritorium Continuation - Mobile Homes
Ordinance No. 05-777 Moritorium Continuation - MPDs
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